2019 FSU candidates

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The FSU Election will take place between Monday, March 4, 2019 at 9 a.m. and Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 2 p.m. Log in to FOL during that time range to cast your ballot.

FSU President

Jennifer Iannessa

Jennifer Iannessa

I'm Jenn, Presidential candidate in the upcoming election. I am in my final semester of Game Design at SDPA. Over the past three years, I have devoted much of my time advocating for students, ensuring that every student can have the best possible Fanshawe experience.

My platform rests on three pillars:

Accessibility: Students have the right to access services they may need to make the most out of their college experience. I want to ensure that the FSU can continue to provide outstanding student services to every student, despite cutbacks made by our provincial government. I'm committed to exploring new, valuable, and necessary services that target all student needs.

Safety: I want to implement programs and services that will have a positive impact on student safety. As a current FSU Director, student safety has been my top priority. I have been working hard to implement a Safe Walk program that would ensure students can travel to and from campus safely. I want to complete this project and find other innovative ways to promote student safety on and off campus.

Advocacy: I vow to continue being a reputable student advocate. I'm passionate about an open-door policy and would like to introduce open office hours for students to voice their concerns with me directly. I want to ensure that every student voice will be heard.

Everyone deserves an exemplary Fanshawe experience and I vow to work hard to ensure that is fulfilled. Elect me as your next President; I've got your back.

Abdullah Qassab

Abdullah Qassab

Hello Fanshawe! My name is Abdullah Qassab and I am running to be the next FSU president. I am currently enrolled in my final semester at Fanshawe College where I am studying Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, also progressing towards a gas technician certificate. When I am not working or studying, you will find me volunteering across Ontario and giving back to community.

I have been lucky enough to call Fanshawe home for the past two years and hopefully for the next year. My focus is on doing and prioritizing what is right for students. That is what TRUE LEADERSHIP is. These are few of my platform goals:
  2. BI-WEEKLY open TALKS to make sure that your CONCERNS are HEARD and your QUESTIONS ANSWERED.
  3. ENERGIZE and showcase the MULTICULTURALISM through MORE EVENTS.
  5. IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH programs to help students receive the most specific help of their needs.
  7. Invest in MORE STUDY SPACES and BETTER Wi-Fi.
  8. REDUCE PARKING RATES on campus.
For details and to learn more about my full platform go to: abdullahqassab.com

Let us COME TOGETHER! Let us WORK TOGETHER! WE have the POWER to SHAPE a FANSHAWE that does BETTER FOR ALL. I call upon YOU. YOU have the power to MAKE REAL CHANGE. After all, when there are NO CEILINGS, the SKY IS the LIMIT.

Andrew Waterworth

Andrew Waterworth

Hello Fanshawe,

I’m Andrew Waterworth your presidential candidate for the 2019-2020 school year. I have attended Fanshawe for four years starting in General arts, made my way through Music Industry Arts, and finishing my last year of studies in Audio Post Production. Through all these years I have grown to care deeply about my school and the excellent people I have met though being here.

Having been part of the FSU for the past two years starting on the Entertainment Crew and currently as the Student Life Coordinator has let me be part of something bigger than myself. Spending the time to help put on the excellent events that the FSU does for students has been extremely rewarding. Though my hopes is to help further increase all that we can give back to you the students, bigger and better then we have before.

I believe that school is both hard work but also having great experiences. I want to help students be able to achieve great success unburdened by external factors. I want to fight for you to have the means to be successful, even in trying times with changes to OSAP and other services. I also want to increase the quality and scale of events we put on as a college to increase the student experience!

In this coming election I encourage you to vote me for FSU President. I will fight for you and the services you deserve, and push for a greater student experience to be Falcon Awesome!

FSU Director

Christine Belanger

Christine Belanger

My name is Christine and I am running for a position on the Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 school year. I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Interior Design and would be dedicating to serving the students in my final year at Fanshawe.

With my experience currently working as the Advocacy and Communications Coordinator for the Fanshawe Student Union, I have dedicated my year to advocating for the rights of student, finding ways to give students every equal opportunity to be successful, and facilitating opportunities and events for students to get involved within Fanshawe and the greater Fanshawe community.

My platform revolves around giving the students a voice. With recent changes from the Ontario government, it is important for student unions especially to speak on behalf of the students! I work to develop personal relationships with students to hear their concerns and will continue to do so given the chance to be a Director for the Fanshawe Student Union.

Voting is your right as a student, and I would encourage every student to vote in this year’s election. Elect me as your FSU Director to hear your voice at the table!

Christine Belanger

Abhinav Chaudhary

Abhinav Chaudhary

My name is Abhinav Chaudhary and I am running for Director’s post of Fanshawe Student Union Election. I am from India. I am perusing Applied Mechanical Design.

I have past experience of working in many colleges, inter-college level cultural fest’s in India, and I had developed leadership qualities and management skills from there. The qualities required to tackle issues and deal delicate problems and resolve them. As being a student of Fanshawe, it seems like that Fanshawe College is my home. I have observed that many students have issues while talking to them. If my home and their members are facing any problem then it should be my top most priority to solve that problem.

I believe in serving the mass rather than any community or any group of people. I have only one vision if you choose me as your director, I’ll work only and only for the students. I will try my best to never disappoint you.

I assure you, your concerns will be my priority!


Jaylan Harvie

Hi there, my name is Jaylan Harvie, and I’m running for a Director position within Fanshawe Student Union. I’m Currently in Business Fundamentals with the intent to move into Business Marketing; I’ve always had a strong passion for school, and both the Faculty and Students have made Fanshawe the most desirable and exhilarating experience one could have in college.  I am confident that my experiences, knowledge, and leadership are the most essential of skills and more that I bring to the table.

Last year I had the amazing pleasure to work as a Fanshawe Student Union Event Ambassador and that allowed me to get to know the student body up close as well as be a reputable source for the happenings in Fanshawe. I had also gotten the privilege to organize and host a karaoke fundraiser for Fanshawe students and all proceeds went towards the Boys and Girls Club of London. Currently on my off time I volunteer for a Foster care agency (Key Assets Children’s services) where I assist in training and educating new foster parents for children in care; someday I hope to work in or start a non-profit that primarily targets youth for a smooth transition into adulthood via services pertaining to housing, employment, and school. I look forward to taking these same skills along with my passion into being a Director for the Fanshawe Student Union.

Kamalpreet Kaur

Kamalpreet Kaur

Attract what you expect,

Reflect what you desire,

Become what you respect,

Mirror what you admire

Hey Fanshawe!

My name is Kamalpreet Kaur and I am one of the candidate for the director position from Fanshawe student union for the 2019 academic year.

My home country is India and I came to Canada in December 2017, it’s been a year that I am here at Fanshawe .My background is in medical stream. I choose Fanshawe due to its employment and extra curricular opportunities they provide to the students. It gives a welcoming environment for international students.

From India I am interested in leadership. In my previous college, I have done volunteer work in the college. I was the part of NGO also which provides education to the orphan kids.

Here also I got a chance to serve Fanshawe. My goals are to improve student life by helping them through providing employment opportunities to the students. I am sure that I will maintain organization’s reputation to preserve student and public trust.

I hope you will support me in achieving this position, I will be happy to serve you.

Kamalpreet Kaur


Rajkumar Vanpariya

Rajkumar Vanpariya

Hey Falcons,

My name is Rajkumar Vanpariya. I am here in Canada since last summer. Previously, I was a student of Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering and currently, pursuing Project Management at Fanshawe College. I believe is students’ problem, students’ need, students’ safety can be best understood by another peer student. As being a student like you everyone I would love to take a step forward as a Director of Fanshawe Student Union.

As a graduate of bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was fascinated by Fanshawe College as they were offering hands-on experience in Post Graduation programs so I opted for this college. During my previous school & college, I was always inclined towards extra-curriculum activity. Being a sports enthusiastic I love to play & watch any sports especially soccer and cricket. Also, I love to read being in a library and reading books. As a part of the core committee in my previous college, our mission was making student life more vivid and enjoyable. It's a pleasure to carry forward that experience to Fanshawe College.

I can be a bridge between students and management by listening to students’ problems and encouraging their ideas. It’s my personal goal to treat all people fairly and with the respect they deserve.

Thanks for spending time and reading this.

Yes, We Can.


Rajkumar Vanpariya

Also running for the position of FSU Director:

Ayerst, Cole (Bio not provided)

Ayerst, Cole

Latheef, Bilal (photo and bio not provided)

Board of Governors

Hi! My name is Arien and I am a 3rd year Business Administration Marketing student, in my spare time you can find me studying on campus in LEAP junction or in the wellness centre for a workout.

I am the current Board of Governors representative for the 2018-2019 academic year. Over the course of my term, I have had the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of students and represent the best interests of students at the Board table. I am constantly impressed with the students and faculty of Fanshawe, their passion and their commitment to higher education. As a representative of the students, my number one priority is to ensure that the student best interests are considered in all decisions the FSU and College makes.

I hope that in the upcoming year I can continue to represent the students’ best interests at the board table.

Any questions or students wishing to connect are able to contact me via a_aubertin3@nullfanshaweonline.ca or on instagram @arienkay