Five fun things to do if you're single on Valentine's Day

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Being single on Valentine's Day isn't terrible, because there are plenty of things you can do on that day just as you are.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are single, let me tell you that is ok. There are many fun things you can still do on Valentine’s Day when you are single. Love day isn’t only for couples, it is also for yourself. Here are some fun things you can do on Valentine’s Day for all you single folks out there.

Hangout with friends

Make plans with some of your friends/family. Get together with all your friends, order some food, rent movies at Jumbo Video, pop some popcorn and have chocolate with drinks. Your friends or family can play board games because spending time with those who are close to you such as friends and family can really make you feel loved and appreciated. Another activity you could do with your friends and family is a dinner where you share how thankful you all are to be friends, also you can go around the table telling funny stories about your personal lives of previous heartbreaks and get it all out of your system.

Treat yourself

Go ahead and get those shoes you want, get those games you wanted because Valentine’s Day is all about you if you want it to be. You do not need someone else getting you gifts when you can get them yourself. Show yourself some love and treat yourself.

Go on an adventure

Get out of the house and go see part of the city you have not seen before. Grab some friends or even go alone and plan a camping trip or some kind of adventure that will get your mind off the whole Valentines Day couple thing. It is great to go somewhere new with the people that you care most about.

Pamper yourself

Maybe you do not want to leave your house and see all those pink and red hearts everywhere. Staying in and having a “you do you” day is the best way to avoid Valentine’s Day. You can do a spy day with face masks and eat chocolate- covered strawberries or just regular chocolate or whatever you like because it’s your time. Maybe do your nails, cook your favourite meals, just have a relaxing day for yourself.


Now when most of us think of some kind of holiday we usually think of partying. Get together with friends and have a singles day party or even go to the bar and meet some new people.

Just remember Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, it is also for self-love and chocolate but also to appreciate those who love and care about you like your friends and family. Stay safe and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.