Fanshawe succeeds at the OCMC 2018

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: PROVIDED BY JACK MICHIENZI
Fanshawe students achieved great success at the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC) on Nov. 15 and 16, with Shauna Freemantle taking home a gold medal.

The Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC) took place on Nov. 15 and 16 at DoubleTree by Hilton in London. The competition gave students in the business marketing (BMK) and business administration marketing programs (BAM) an opportunity to show their skills learned in the classroom.

According to Jack Michienzi, a professor of Fanshawe’s Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, the competition stems back to the ’80s and features colleges across Ontario competing in a variety of marketing case challenges and events.

“Our teams did very well overall with 70 per cent of Fanshawe College’s student teams placing in their event category,” Michienzi said.

Michienzi announced the teams that placed in their category and they are as follows:

Brandon Murray and Kayla Paton placed fifth in the prospect pitching category and was coached by Mike Sloan and Matthew Schonewille.

Larissa Mendonca and Helena Osiro placed fourth in the marketing research category. The team was coached by Kristen Cadotte and Perry Broome.

Arien Aubertin and Troy Berkelmans placed fourth in the direct marketing category. The team was coached by Jack Michienzi.

Stacy Swartz and Julian Boudreau won the bronze medal in the entrepreneurship category. The team was coached by Soph Katsademas and John Tremblay.

Brigid Massea won the silver medal at the quiz bowl and was coached by David Moreland.

Hunter Medd and Sabrina Thayane Ribeiro won the silver medal. The team was coached by Mike Tucker. Finally, Shauna Freemantle won

the gold medal as the interview participant and was coached by Cliona Geraghty.

Freemantle said that her category was different than the other categories as she was given time to prepare ahead. She was able to do practice interviews and receive critique on her cover letter and resume.

“I prepared by spending a lot of time with my coach Cliona Geraghty as well as other amazingly helpful faculty and Fanshawe staff,” Freemantle said. “My coach got me to make many revisions to my resume and coached me with tips and her amazing knowledge so my documentation was the best it could be.”

Freemantle said that she did more than a dozen interviews with a wide range of people to ensure she was ready for anything that came her way in the competition.

“I learned so much, it is hard to even list,” Freemantle said. “Mostly how to deliver a strong presentation and meeting and it definitely helped my time management skills as I was balancing OCMC meetings and prep as well as work and school.”

According to Freemantle, OCMC has a direct benefit including a portfolio of her accomplishments and the “know-how” to create a resume and cover letter.

“To anyone in BAM or BMK on the fence about doing it (OCMC), you definitely should,” Freemantle said. “You will need to focus on preparing and putting as much effort in as you can.”

Freemantle said that she is not sure where exactly her future will take her but she is excited to start a career in digital marketing in London.