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Solar panels to be installed on campus buildings


Construction on buildings B, C, D, as well as Falcon House and Peregrine House residences, will continue into spring 2019.

Angela McInnes | Interrobang | News | October 12th, 2018

Construction has begun on the installation of solar panels to the sides of buildings B, C, D, as well as Falcon House and Peregrine House residences.

The outside wall panels are designed to offset energy consumption by using passive solar energy to preheat outside air as it enters the ventilation systems.

Funded by the provincial Greenhouse Gas Campus Reduction Program, the technology is being implemented to reduce the College’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will take place in phases throughout the upcoming winter months, affecting different parts of the buildings on a rotating schedule. It is expected to continue into spring 2019.

In addition to the solar panels, the project will also replace window frames and glazing in C and D buildings, as well as exterior cladding on C building.

While most of the work will take place on the exterior, there will also be some activity on the interior. Staff and students in these areas will experience some classroom and workplace disruptions.

“There will be noise impacts to various classrooms & lab space throughout D building as construction goes on. We have a temporary classroom that will be set up in D3014 to move classes here when needed,” project co-ordinator, Darryl Hamilton said.

Hamilton said there will also be noise impacts on the north classrooms of C building and on the residences, where construction will not start until 9 a.m.

A bulletin from Facilities Management and Community Safety said that Facilities will work with impacted offices, academic areas and the Scheduling Office to co-ordinate activities in an effort to minimize these disruptions.

The work will also generate cool temperatures in classrooms. Although supplementary heat will be provided to maintain minimal temperatures, staff and students are advised to dress warm during class and office hours.

Signage will be posted in the areas to give directions and indicate which hallways and entrances are safe to use.

Conference and meeting rooms on the second floor of C Building will not be available during the renovations.
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