Five apps to help make friends in a new city

Moving to a new city brings on plenty of stress and anxiety. Leaving what you are familiar with isn't easy and for many, neither is making friends. That being said, there are plenty of ways to make new friends. One way is to try apps. Just like how there apps for dating, there are many apps made to help you meet others in which you have stuff in common with. These apps are all free to download and are available for both Android and iPhone (with the exception of one).

FRIENDER (only available on iPhone)

Similarly to Hey! VINA, Friender is similar to tinder (as the name would suggest). However, this app is for all genders. The app connects you with new friends who share their interest in activities or hobbies. The app allows you to choose from over 130 activities. The algorithm will only show you those who you have at least one common interest in. The app allows you to talk to your matches privately. Friender also offers a premium service where the user will get unlimited swipes, the ability to look specifically for roommates, show up top of searches and more. Pricing for the premium is around $5.99 a month.


Like Nearify, Meetup shows what is going on in the community. However this app and website, (meetup. com) also shows clubs and other groups that have more specific activities. With 24 categories, the app includes details for the activities such as price and number of people signed up to participate, as well as how many spots are still open. Some categories include: LGBTQ+, fitness, writing, arts and career/ business.


This app is for girls only. It works in a similar fashion to Tinder and Bumble (in finding friends). The user can swipe on other girls based off of their pictures and a bio. However, unlike Tinder and Bumble, Hey! VINA has its users rank their interests and take personality tests and uses this information to help find others you have stuff with common with. The app also includes articles that cover all sorts of topics from mental health to beauty. When you and another both swipe right on each other it's called a “Ditto”. Once it's a ditto you can privately message one another.


Some advice that is given to those who are trying to make new friends, is to participate in activities that interest you. Nearify is an app for finding events near you. It is a guide to finding music, concerts, plays, festivals and more, all at one place. The more you use the app it learns what type of events and activities you enjoy. It will recommend events based off of your interests. The app also shows what the most popular events are, allows others to invite you to events and much more. Nearify can also be accessed online at


Although some people jokingly say they love dogs more than people, this app takes that thought more seriously. If you are a dog owner and want you (and your dog) to make new friends, Meet My Dog might just be the app for you. The app shows pictures of people's dogs and a brief description of both the dog and human. Owners can private message [one another], while the app shows parks that are nearby where you can meet up with other owners.