Five cheap Summer date ideas

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As the nice weather finally starts to roll in, this offers up more activities for you and your boo to do over the summer. There are so many dates that break the bank, but they don’t need to. London has so much to offer in terms of dates (a lot of which are free). Now’s the time to start making a summer bucket list for you and your significant other. These are few ideas to help get the ball rolling.


London has many places where you can just snuggle up to your date and just watch the stars. Victoria Park and Springbank Park are few spots that you could check out. Western also has stargazing available during the summer for what is called: Astronomy Public Nights. Public nights take place in the Cronyn Observatory. On weekends there will be presentations available for the public. This a wonderful date where not only get to spend time with your significant other while looking at something scenic, but you may also learn something new.


Nothing more classic comes to mind when thinking of summer dates than a romantic picnic. Again there are plenty of parks here in London that would be just wonderful to check out. Springbank Park is a lovely park for people of all ages. There are plenty of spots to sit down and enjoy each other’s company over some food outside. Springbank Park has tables available as well. Whether you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend decide to make your own meal or just go to beavertails and grab some treats, Springbank Park has a lot to offer in terms of a romantic summer date on a budget.


Spending some time outside and looking at the beautiful trails London has to offer is perfect for that couple that not only loves the outdoors, but also those who want to fit in a little bit of a workout. London has some beautiful trails available; Meadowlily Trail, Fanshawe Lake Trail, Greenway Park, Medway Valley Heritage Forest and Sifton Bog just to name a few.


Who doesn’t love to snuggle up near a fire and roast marshmallows? This is a nice intimate date that can be done in your backyard, if you have the proper tools. You need to have a proper fire pit and be aware of laws regarding bonfires. Not sure if you want to risk starting a fire? No worries. Fanshawe’s Student Union (FSU) will be hosting campfires this June and July. This a great alternative and still get the benefits of roasted marshmallows with your boo.


If you and your significant other are looking for something to do, why not volunteer together? Some many organizations in London could always use a helping hand. Some groups to look into could be Reforest London, London Food Bank, Goodwill Industries and animal shelters. This is a great way to bond with each other, give back to the community, and it’s guaranteed free.