Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope


You’ll have plenty of job options this summer. A personal change to the way you treat a friend or relative will create an unexpected response. Diplomacy will be necessary to avoid an argument. Make a point to take better care of your health. Curb any bad habits you’ve picked and get some exercise. Emotions will be difficult to control this week. Separate your feelings from your responsibilities and do your best to get things done.


Stay active over the coming weeks to help bust stress. Idle time will leave you feeling anxious. Stop worrying about what others do or the things you cannot change, and spend time making adjustments that are possible. Gather information and implement changes that will keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Personal or spiritual growth will encourage positive interpretation of the options available to you.


Listen to your intuition when dealing with an offer that’s questionable. Deception is apparent and can lead to misfortune. An open conversation with one of your peers, mentors or relatives will help you gain insight into an opportunity requiring you to use your skills or experience in a different format. Someone you’ve worked with in the past will make you an offer, but before you make a move, you are best to find out exactly what’s expected of you. An important detail is likely to be left out or misleading.


Your emotions will be erratic this week sending you off on in tangents. Calm down and think before you engage in a conversation with someone who is just as sensitive as you. Resurrect hobbies, friendships or activities you used to enjoy. Ask someone you love to join you. Check into new methods or technology that can help you expand your interests and improve the way you do things or move forward. Reveal your intentions to someone you love and want to spend more time with. Plans can be made that will bring you closer together.


Make your point heard and you will be able to bring about changes that will help you improve your life. An emotional matter can be resolved with honesty and positive suggestions. Don’t overdo it or make a big fuss over nothing. Negativity will result in opposition from someone who has a bad habit or thinks you do. Conversations will open up a window of opportunity to learn and expand what you know and have to offer. Do your best to get along with friends and relatives.


You’ll be prompted to make a personal change on that will encourage you to pay closer attention to the way you look as well as give you incentive to get into shape. A gathering of people you haven’t seen for a long time will spark memories that will motivate you to stay in touch and to revive old dreams. Socializing doesn’t have to be costly if you keep your plans simple. 


Look inward and consider what you can do differently in order to improve your relationship with others. Keeping the peace will help you avoid an argument, but it won’t solve the problem. Stay in touch with reality when dealing with personal finances. Knowing how much you have and what you can afford to do will help you avoid a costly mistake. An emotional incident will surface this week. Walk away from anyone trying to control or manipulate you.


Feel your way through whatever situation you face. Listen to confirm what’s being said to make sure you don’t misinterpret the information or intention someone is offering. It’s OK to think big but not OK to be extravagant or to exaggerate. Offer accurate information to avoid leading someone astray. You may not agree with a friend or relative but you are best to listen and to consider his or her logic. What’s good for you may not be good for someone else.


Host a group meeting or invite friends over who are willing to help you move things around to accommodate something you want to pursue. Someone will take advantage of your friendliness if you are too accommodating and willing to lend possessions or money to help out. Offer suggestions instead of something tangible. Pour your energy into something that will benefit you. Building stronger ties with the people you live with or improving your surroundings will result in greater happiness. Take better care of your health. Moderation, rest and avoiding negative people will help.


You’ll find it difficult to make up your mind or to avoid being caught in someone’s melodrama. Put greater emphasis on physical changes that include pampering and positive thought. An interesting opportunity will come to your attention. Your reputation or status will get a boost if you take advantage of what’s available. Offering to help others will encourage positive change. Contributing to a cause or someone’s happiness will result in unexpected rewards. Say no if someone infringes on your emotional or mental wellness.


Reunite on with people you don’t see often. It will give you a better sense of what you can do to help and how you can protect yourself from experiencing similar problems. Overindulgence on your part or on the part of someone you are with will be a reminder of why you should try to be more moderate. The harder you work the better the returns. Don’t take on responsibilities that don’t belong to you. Finish first and be proud of your accomplishments.


Listen carefully when dealing with people asking for your help or your money. Don’t feel you have to give in to someone using emotional manipulation to make you feel guilty. Doors will open up if you explore creative possibilities. Don’t let anyone discourage you from going after your dream. Someone will mislead you in order to redirect your attention to something that isn’t fair or won’t benefit you. Question the motives behind the request, and make adjustments to even up the outcome. Stand up for your rights and make your position clear. Don’t expect to please everyone.