Places to Call Your Home Away From Home

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Moving away from home can be an overwhelming experience to say the least.

There come the highs; creating a fresh start for yourself, meeting new people who share similar traits or hobbies, discovering new unchartered territories and overall experiencing the next chapter of your life.

Though as the saying goes, what comes up must come down.

With that comes the lows; being out of your familiar environments or comfort zones, having to rebuild your social life with new people and somehow figuring out how to cope with it all.

Luckily tucked away in the city of London, Ontario are places that can bring you the reminder and warmth of home during your years in Canada at Fanshawe College.

So Inviting
876 Dundas St.

This recently opened bakery located in the heart of Old East Village specializes in homemade and traditional Chinese pot stickers and dumplings (ready to eat or frozen) that can rival your own family's recipe. Don't forget to pick up some delicious dipping sauce along the way. The smells and aromas within the bakery will surely bring you back memories of home and if that isn't enough, the owners' hospitality and kindness surely will. If dumplings aren't your choice of foods, So Inviting also features sweet baked goods and pastries such as sesame balls and Chinese doughnuts!

458 Southdale Rd. E.

Come to Desi-Point to indulge in your favourite South Asian and Middle Eastern treats and grocery store items not commonly found in nearby grocers. Nothing beats a home cooked meal to revive your soul and lift your spirits during dim times but getting certain ingredients can be tricky. Desi-Point carries valuable items such as atta, Rooh Afza, ghee, fresh fruit and vegetables from Pakistan, ready to go foods like samosas and biryani and many more. Be sure to drop by Desi-Point on Sundays as they serve a special Halwa-Puri breakfast.

A Taste of Britain
2115 Aldersbrook Rd. (North Location) 9 Southdale Rd. E (South Location) 580 Murphy Rd. (Sarnia)

Tired of eating Cadbury chocolates made with oil instead of milk? With three different locations throughout London and surrounding area, A Taste of Britain stocks their shelves with favourite snacks and goods from the home of Big Ben. Available are a wide variety of traditional and authentic pies, puddings, rolls, scones, biscuits and more to satisfy that craving for classic tastes from home. Along with grocery items, A Taste of Britain sells a variety of popular British themed gifts and merchandise such as but not limited to Doctor Who blankets, Coronation Street clothing, Guinness Beer mugs, English Premier League jersey kits and many unique gifts featuring the Union Jack fl ag. A step inside A Taste of Britain is a trip to Britain without the plane ticket.

Festival Food Mart
456 Southdale Rd. E.

Considered a treasure within the London community, Festival Food Mart (also known as Rick's) has been supplying ethnic goods to the population of the Forest City for a quarter of a century as they have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Shoppers can find their favourite and hard to find foods and snacks from their beloved islands such as Easter buns, authentic patties, cocobread, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as plantains and yams, Filipino Puto, cooking sauces and spices, the seemingly never ending list goes on. Stop by and grab a Japatty with some Peardrax for a taste of sunshine in London, Ontario.