Games to make you happy this holiday

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Take an adventure into fantastical worlds during the holiday with new video games out this winter season.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Consoles: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Story mode? Check. Stunning 4K graphics? Check. Free downloadable content (DLC) when the game comes out? Check. All three eras are playable? Check. Fans asked and DICE, along with EA, delivered well beyond the call of duty to create a memorable sequel to the highly acclaimed Star Wars Battlefront game. In Star Wars Battlefront II, players will be able to duke it out in larger arenas of multiplayer action where now up to 40 players will be able fight as Separatists or as the Clone Army. More than three times the amount of content has been packed into the game including new User Interface (UI), unique weapons, special characters, an array of heroes and villains to play, more planets to fight on, deeper progression, character customization and content from across all eras. Use the new Battle Point system to obtain skills for customizing your own unique character with special skills or buy weapons and vehicles or use them to play as a hero or villain of your choosing. Revel in the long awaited original single-player story mode about the elite Stormtrooper, Iden, as you bridge the plot between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Destroy or ally with your friends and strangers in battlefields riddled with chaos, gunfire, explosions and the power of the Force within. With the gigantic load of content it has, Star Wars Battlefront II will be the game that any Star Wars fan wouldn't pass up the chance to play.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Console: Nintendo Switch

Beautiful anime-styled graphics draw the eye to a fantastical world of endless skies, giant beasts and legends. Fly to faraway lands as Rex to explore a vast array of lush greenery, frozen tundra's and dry deserts that dwell on the backs of giant beasts known as Titans. Experience Rex's tale as he travels with Pyra, a mysterious being known as a Blade who grants Rex a tremendous power. Search the sea of clouds to find Pyra's long lost home of Elysium: the ultimate paradise of humanity. Learn to understand the ways of life of the unique inhabitants as you traverse the Titans. Collect other Blades and use the unique abilities that each possess to create various attack patterns unique to you. Meet the companions who will define Rex and Pyra's journey. Live through the destiny of the boy who is a Driver and the Blade searching for her home.

Sonic Forces

Console: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

From the team that created Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, comes a brand new fast action paced Sonic game. Dr. Egg Man has taken over most of the world with a brand new accomplice at his side, the mysterious Infinite. Joined together with a cast of familiar faces, Sonic and friends must band together to fight and free the world from Dr. Egg Man's clutches. But that's not all. Bringing in Classic Sonic and the brand new Custom Character, players can help the modern blue hedgehog race to victory against the terror plaguing the world. Running on a new engine, the graphics for Sonic Forces is stunning and the players have even more finite control over the characters movements then they have had in any other Sonic game. Explore the different perspectives enjoying over-the-shoulder view when speeding past enemies and the classic side-scrolling platformer that fans have come to love. Bring down Dr. Egg Man and Infinite's plans of grand world domination once and for all.


Console: Playstation Virtual Reality (PSVR)

In this wondrous tale of adventure you play as the reader of the tale, but you are not simply a bystander in this story. Your role is to act as the guardian to the protagonist Quill, a young mouse with adventurous dreams. There is a darkness brewing in the land of Moss and it is your job to help Quill slay the evil threatening her land. Immerse yourself into the world by interacting with the objects around you with a simple swing of the controller. Aid Quill through solving puzzles in her path and help her defeat enemies along the way. Enjoy the fantastical forests while listening to a beautiful plethora of music and sound effects. Together, you and Quill will bring back the light to Moss once more.
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