Nothern Ontario, London based hairstyling student places top five in national Contessa Awards

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Laura Metansinine (right), a London based hairstyling student placed in the top five student hairstylists in Canada with the national Contessa Awards. Here she stands with Maria Bikas, owner of Maria Bikas Salon, where Metansinine learns and works with one of her mentors.

A student hairstylist from Marathon, Ont., has achieved greatness in the early years of her career.

Laura Metansinine placed top five in the Student Apprentice Hairstylist category at the national Contessa Awards in November. The competition was open to hairstylists from any professional beauty salon in Canada and Metansinine proved her creative and unique abilities to place high on the list.

Metansinine's life has been driven by the arts and she has spent the majority of her life experimenting with her creative side.

Although she discussed her outcome not always being successful, she was able to learn through her mistakes and continue to take risks in order to create unique outcomes.

With a background in Fine Arts from St. Lawrence College and partial Visual Arts from Western University, Metansinine quickly knew she wanted to move her passion of art into hair.

From there, she studied at Marvel Beauty School in London and was hired on at Maria Bikas Salon as an apprentice.

“Working behind the chair is the best feeling. I love to make people feel great about themselves. Nothing beats boosting someone's confidence. ” Metansinine said.

Not only has this career allowed her to create relationships with her clients, she has also connected with her mentors on a professional and a personal level.

“I worked as an assistant to multiaward winner, Erin Fernandes. Working beside Erin gave me the opportunity to gain a finer precision of my skills” Metansinine said.

Fernandes provided Metansinine on set experiences during photo shoots and acted as both a mentor and an inspiration. Fernandes was also present during the competition process and reminded Metansinine to take a step back and breathe during the times of panic.

Another influence for Metansinine is Maria Bikas, the owner of the salon where she currently is learning.

“I am most grateful for the faith that Maria has in me. She truly believes in my dreams and passion, and has visions of her own to see me on stage one day” Metansinine said.

Bikas played a tremendous role for Metansinine in the competition. She helped with makeup on the day of the photoshoot and was always there to show her support and encouragement.

“Making it as a finalist to the Contessa Awards was my goal from day one. I wanted more than anything just to be there and to see my work on display” Metansinine said.

The most talented hairstylists in Canada attended the awards and Metansinine discussed how incredible it was to be there. Placing in the top five was more than she ever expected and being in a room with so much motivation and inspiration was an adrenaline rush.

“One day my ultimate dream would be to win the Avante-Garde category and I plan to re-enter every year” Metansinine said.

Metansinine is proof that it is possible to turn your passion into a career and that hard work and perseverance pay off.

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BELOW: Two hairstyles that helped Laura Metansinine place in the top five Canadian student hairstylists. CREDIT: PAULA TIZZARD AND SALON MAGAZINE