International students host city-wide scavenger hunt

Header image for the article International students host city-wide scavenger hunt Credit: KELTIE JOHNSON
Raj Gandhi (left) and Izabela Jucha (right) are two Fanshawe students who see a great value and importance in participating in the College's city wide scavenger hunt specifically made for international students.

Fanshawe's International Centre is helping to organize an annual city wide scavenger hunt across London until Nov 10.

The Centre works in conjunction with various other colleges and universities in the area to organize the event and is dedicated to helping both international and domestic students feel welcome in London by showing them around the city and introducing them to some of their peers.

After registering, students will have to take pictures of themselves in various locations across London.

Students will discover different attractions across the city and participate in various activities. Once the scavenger hunt is complete, teams are invited to attend a celebration on Nov.17, which serves as a social event for participants.

Upon meeting with international students, Raj Gandhi and Izabela Jucha, and Fanshawe's communications, recruitment and enrolment co-ordinator at the International Centre, Sue McKittrick, it is clear that this is an event that not only helps students get to be familiar with London, but also helps students socialize and create new friendships.

Since a lot of international students come to Fanshawe not knowing anyone else, the International Centre will put students without a group into a group of their own, to make it possible for everyone to join in.

Jucha is a second year business and human resources program student, who participated in the scavenger hunt and had some words to share about the experience.

“We do realize that with being international students, many people don't know what's around and sometimes they don't have friends yet to go around with. One of the focuses is to make sure that these people still go out and they make new friends,” Jucha said.

Students are able to decide for themselves how much time they would like to commit to this event and when they would like to complete the different tasks.

There is no cost associated with this event, as all of the tasks that have been chosen are free of charge.

First year mechanical engineering student, Raj Gandhi, spoke about how important this event is to international student development.

“It's not just about the location that you are going to. You can just talk to others about their lives and what it is that they're trying to do. For international students, just getting along with people over here, it makes a big difference,” Gandhi said.

For more information on this event and how to get involved, please visit or contact Raj or Izabela at