Snack attack: The dos and don'ts of board game snacking

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Keep it clean on board game night to prevent your games from getting greasy.

Board gaming can be quite an intense activity, spending hours at a time around a table. You’re bound to get hungry, but snacking isn’t something to take lightly. Grease and Cheetos dust are the last things you want to see all over your cards and meeples. This is why a list of the best snack options for your board game nights has been compiled.


This may seem like a silly inclusion, but let’s be more specific. Go out and get yourself a popcorn maker or a microwave popcorn popper if you don’t already have one. Popping your own corn and adding just a touch of salt eliminates that nasty butter grease that can get all over your games. As an added bonus, popcorn made in this way is healthier.


No grease or dust here. Just make sure you get pretzels that aren’t coated in flavouring or else this eliminates how clean this treat is. If you want to go the extra step, you can make healthier, low-sodium soft pretzel bites at home.


Small, bite-size vegetables like carrots or celery are a great option. Just stay away from the dip, which can drip all over your game – no one wants that.


The only chocolate you should keep at your gaming parties are ones that come in a candy coating. M&M’s, Smarties and Reese’s pieces all good options for keeping mess to a minimum.


If you’re not concerned about the sugar content, candy like gummy bears, Skittles or jellybeans are all good options. Steer clear of candies like Fuzzy Peaches, which has a sugared coating that will stick to your hands, melt and result in sticky fingers.


Try serving to unsalted nuts without shells like cashews or almonds. Nuts like pistachios or peanuts, while undoubtedly delicious, have thin flaky skins that can make a huge mess.


Plain unsalted crackers topped with cheese or peanut butter is a great option that requires a little more preparation. Make sure to top these ahead of time so that guests don’t need to pick up cheese with their hands.


Be careful about your selection here. Fruit like grapes are fine, but apples and oranges can leave behind sticky sugars. Dried fruit is the best option. Raisins, dried apricots, apple chips or banana chips are a great choice because of the natural sugars that don’t require additional sugar dusting.


Need a little extra protein? Beef jerky is one of the perfect choices for this. Unlike deli meats that require toothpicks to use and can go bad if left out for too long, beef jerky is low maintenance. Just place in a bowl, and you’re good to go.


If you absolutely must have one of your favourite messy treats, bring a pair of chopsticks with you or give them out at your event. This method heavily relies on the ability to use the tool, however. Using chopsticks to pick up your Cheetos might seem like a good idea, but if you are continuously dropping your treats, it defeats the purpose.


In order to avoid spills, everyone should bring leak-proof containers to put beverages in. If you have a few cups with built-in straws, this is the time to bring them out. If you don’t have these around, use heavy glass cups that are less prone to being tipped over.

Use coasters for your cold drinks to prevent water from pooling on the table and getting your board or cards wet. Keep some paper towel around just in case.