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Flash Fiction Winner: InvAsia

Derek Davis | Interrobang | News | February 16th, 2015

Off the coast, in between Japan and China, lies the Sea of Japan. It was here, where the first real alien sighting took place, on an island no larger than Paradise Island. January 2015 was when it happened. Ho Sung Mao was the president here and his citizens were a happy bunch. They lived a peaceful life, a simple life, farmers were everywhere! One farmer noticed a patch of his crop was completely obliterated with what looked like a spontaneous combustion. He reported it to the police. The police only found dog hair all over the decapitated crop patch.

This dog hair was taken to a lab for scientists to examine. They were looking to find dog DNA to closely match what they thought was dog hair. They tried breaking the hair into pieces but it stuck together like titanium. Not even a laser could break this hair. The scientists soon found out that weird beings started appearing downtown.

These creatures started scaring random people; shrieks and cries were heard by local authorities, which found out that their bullets did the beasts no harm. They couldn’t be stopped, the cops tried running them over. The aliens came out unscathed; the police cruisers didn’t do anything. Ho Sung Mao declared a state of emergency on this small island. The aliens were boxed up and they were taken to a so-called “alien exhibition” zoo at which they were meant to live.

Three weeks later a large dinosaur- like alien appeared, what was this thing? It kidnapped the president, electricity was out and the country was out of control. The people were hiding away scared. The president was also hidden away, amongst other people the alien captured. He was inside the stomach of the beast! Completely hidden. The alien started talking more and more after a while, he really picked up the language, he was a quick learner. The president was trying to get him to relax by talking to him. The alien was only learning how to speak; he didn’t care at all what was being said. All of a sudden, the alien began to ask questions. Nobody knew what to say, everybody was confused. The alien asked “Why are people crying?”, “What’s this?” and “Who am I?” The president reassured him he would release the aliens in the exhibition if the rampage stopped. He replied, “I’m not on a rampage, I just don’t like all this noise, I’m silencing.” Unhappy with the answer, Ho Sung Mao tried again “Why are you doing what you’re doing?” The alien answered “I came to kill those other aliens, they left me on my planet alone. I have a bad temper.” The president replied, “I can see that. Even with all these people here I feel lonely too.”

Everybody was watching in awe. The Internet was down but people were still taking pictures and recording videos. The president seemed to connect with the alien who was no longer attacking. The dinosaur-like creature voluntarily went to the zoo. He made the decision to eat the group of aliens he was angry at and the people were freed. Lastly, he unleashed a technology bomb that completely destroyed any mobile, computer or electronic device; he “broke the Internet.” He then left but the people didn’t forget what happened, they couldn’t forget something like this. He didn’t kill anybody; he just destroyed a few things. The people had their memories and learned something new.
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