Sweet Tweets (Nov. 3rd)

What style of moustache would you ladies and gents want to sport during all of Movember? In other words, what kind of mo are you bros going to grow?

Dylan Findlay @D_Findlay13

@fanshawesu the monkey tail for sure!

Rachel Moffat @rachmoffat3

@fanshawesu a creepy porno stache will forever be a classic :) #FSUInterrobang

B @baileylowry

@fanshawesu handlebar #fsuinterrobang

Alyssa McNicol @AlyssaMcNicol77

@fanshawesu I'll be sporting the fake moustache out of the vending machines at oasis #girlproblems #FSUInterrobang

From Facebook

Sofia 'G' Eidsath Twirly evil villain style

Katherine Fischer Hulk hogan

Join the FSU Movember team - Not only can you help change the face of men's health, but you could win an iPad Mini in the process. Visit FSU.ca/movember for details.


Jason Bateman @batemanjason

Get those mustaches growing guys! Support #Movember and men’s health awareness! Sign up & learn more at http://Movember.com!

Next week's question: Spice Girls tribute act WANNABE comes to Fanshawe on November 11th (get your tickets at the Biz Booth or at FSU.ca/tickets) If you were made an honourary Spice Girl, let us know what you'd want (what you'd really, really want) your spice name to be. Tell us using #FSUInterrobang by 2 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 3rd and you'll enter a draw for a $10 Oasis/Out Back Shack gift certificate.