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Reasons to head to Aeolian Hall this summer

Amy Van Es | Interrobang | Culture | May 26th, 2014

A predominantly performance art venue downtown is merging performance and fine art at one venue.

The exhibit, which will display visual art pieces during the performance events that are scheduled, is running until July 6 at Aeolian Hall.

A historical building on Dundas Street East that has served many interesting purposes, Aeolian Hall is now home to many different cultural events, including the London Youth Symphony and The London Community Orchestra, and continues to contribute significantly to the vitality of the arts scene in London.

“Having combined the visual arts with the performing arts, people have come to see the paintings and ended up coming to the shows. We're trying to get Aeolian Hall's name out there,” said Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach, curator of the show and an artist herself.

The exhibit includes the diverse styles of eight established local artists including Gail Jongkind, Anne McLean, Jean Rosati and Catherine Goodmurphy.

“I chose the colour pallet to be bright and very vivid,” said Jack- Bleach, when asked about the theme of the show. To select the artists, she spent time visiting different art shows, and had some contact her expressing interest.

“As a result, the art in the show is just spectacular. One of the best shows we've ever had in terms of quality and composition,” she said.

In this particular show, most of the contributing artist's have been showing for many years, but she generally tries to include emerging artists and students in her shows.

There is much to gain as students going to see the exhibit. “Too often when I'm hanging a show, it isn't properly framed or constructed to hang. So the most important thing to students is the quality of the framing and how important the presentation is to the show.”

The art will be available to view during all Aeolian Hall events, as well as during additional gallery hours Monday to Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

To see the show, visit the Box Office and staff members will provide access and for more information, visit
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