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London's first Dundas Street Festival

Ally Jol | Interrobang | News | May 26th, 2014

On June 14, London Fringe and Our Street London Presents the Very First Dundas Street Festival. All members of the community are invited to come sing, dance, play, connect or volunteer to celebrate this event. The street will be closed to traffic off from Wellington to Ridout in which festivities will take place for free from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Formerly known as the Car-Free Festival, London Fringe and Our Street London have collaborated to produce this event for the city of London. “The London Fringe Festival has been thinking of collaborating for quite some time,” said Alison Challis, producer of London Fringe — a similar festival.

“The Dundas Street Festival is an opportunity for artists, artisans, community groups and the community of London to come together as a place to connect,” said Challis. “There is an incredible pool of artists and performers who are a part of our festival.”

There will be about 50 individual artists who will be selling their creations, along with three music stages and an abundance of performers with a wide range of performing activities with fun and interactive sets. “We want to provide them with as many opportunities to be successful and promote their work as we possibly can.” she said.

Challis said that Royal Containers Ltd. made a generous donation to build a giant cardboard castle, which children of all ages will be encouraged to paint and play in to bring it to life. Children will also be able to participate in Postcard Stories with the London Children's Museum where they will have the chance to decorate their own postcard to mail away or take home.

And how awesome will it be to grab a bite to eat from some food trucks, since London decided to ban them from our streets. Luckily, Challis revealed that they are allowed to do this because they will be closing off the street, which granted them permission to use these trucks at the event.

Volunteers (otherwise known as Troupers) will be needed — predominantly in the morning with helping set things up, tear things down, helping artists get themselves organized, answering questions throughout the day, directing patrons and visitors to where things are located may be located and helping to facilitate if artists need a hand somewhere.

“It's a big job and were going to have hundreds of people participating and they need support sometimes. Just helping people move through the street effectively and make sure people are safe,” said Challis.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please go to for more details, or contact Sue Garner from London Fringe.
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