Lightning Watch: The London Lightning legends

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Tim Ellis has announced his retirement, ending one of the best careers in the National Basketball League of Canada.

Players like Tim Ellis are a rarity; someone who can completely dominate the boards night in and night in out.

What's even more rare is holding on to a player like Ellis for more than a year. The London Lightning were able to hold onto him for three years. Unfortunately they won't be able to keep him around any longer, as he will be retiring at the end of this National Basketball League of Canada season.

Ellis' retirement reminds that this league is no longer a fly-by-night operation. History is being written and the league has started to create its own stars and legends. When it comes to teams, London is the legendary team. Here are the best five players to ever play for the London Lightning.

GUARD: DeAnthony Bowden
Bowden retired after his second season with London, becoming an assistant general manager with the team this year. Averaging 14 points per game and four assists per game, Bowden became a fan favourite over that first season (not to mention a game-leading 28 points in the deciding game five of the 2012 NBLC Finals versus the Halifax Rainmen). Although his stats fell off in his second season, he became a leader. Bowden is joined by only Tim Ellis in staying with the team for three seasons.

GUARD: Adrian Moss
This one's a bit of a wild card. Playing last season, Moss added some serious speed. He was wicked from beyond the arch and averaged around five assists per game during his time with London. Now, those numbers don't really jump off the page but I think Moss was a smart player. He has been killing it with the Island Storm this year, and you'd think members of the Lightning organization would really want him back.

FORWARD: Tim Ellis
No brainer. Leads the league in total games and rebounds. Similar to Bowden, his last season will want to be forgotten, as he's only averaging 7ppg and 6rpg (he averaged 13ppg and 7rpg in his first two seasons) but he has been a part of a veteran frontcourt coach Michael Ray Richardson has always been able to rely on. He is a monster on the board and is one of the best defensive players in NBLC history.

FORWARD: Gabe FreemanThe league's first Most Valuable Player destroyed the competition in 2011/12 and the only NBLC player to average over 12 rebounds per game over an entire season. No one will be able to replicate how he dominated the league because know one saw him coming. In that first year he also averaged 18ppg, shooting just under 45 per cent from the field. He destroyed teams with his strength and athleticism as a forward in a guard-centric league. Although his appearance in the 2013/14 team wasn't as successful he will always go down as one of, if not the, best player to ever play for the London Lightning.

CENTRE: Marvin Phillips
Marvin Phillips, just like Freeman, came into this league and destroyed almost instantly. Coming from the NBA Development League, Phillips had the brute strength and the shot to consume defenses. At his peak, Phillips was the best three-pointer in the league as well as the best big man. The 2013 NBLC Finals MVP will be remembered as one of the more explosive Lightning players, throwing down some huge dunks during his time in the league.

Marty Thompson is the play-by-play voice of the London Lightning for their livestream,