FIC brings students together

There are lots of challenges in the life of an International student: a new environment, and many questions involving language and cultural barriers. How does an international student survive? Fortunately Fanshawe College does have an International Office to help international students. In addition, there is the Fanshawe International Club. The club's focus is to bring different cultures together to share experiences through fun activities.

FIC board of directors:

Heeresh Ramdhunee - president
The main purpose of the club is to promote cultural exchange between international and domestic students. Our job as the executive team is to help international students with any issues that they have and encourage them to blend into Canadian society. We have a wonderful team of executive members and volunteers who are always helping out, whether it is to organize potlucks, celebrate a cultural event, movie nights, salsa classes, or any other fun activities. We count a lot on our fellow domestic students to be part of the club and help us achieve our aim. Many students have the wrong impression that the international club is for international students only; this is not the case. We are open to all students whether they are ESL, international, immigrant or domestic. Come and join us and let's make a friend from another part of the world, and who knows, this may be a wonderful experience.

Elisa Melo — vice president
I always liked to be involved with international students because of the passion about cultures and languages that I have. Having people together from different parts of the world in the club is an awesome and unique experience, which we always learn a lot from. The executives are all amazing people who like to be involved and are passionate about it. The members are always willing to help and share good moments with us as well. My position as vice president is to assist all executives and keep up with our good work that is always improving.

Hanwook — treasurer
There are more than 400 international students at Fanshawe College. Four per cent of all students at Fanshawe are international students. FIC is doing so many great activities for international and domestic students. FIC acts like a bridge between international and Canadian students or Canadian society. As international students we all know that we have no cultural or language background as Canadian students do. All of us have to learn so many new things about Canadian life, language and school from scratch as children do. We will be a guide for all Fanshawe international students who need help. The door of FIC is wide open to any international or non-international students. Come and join us. It is fun and there are so many things to learn about each other.

Manish — events coordinator
Namaste to all. I always love to say this folding my hands together. The message it conveys is that God lies in the heart of every person. We all are equal and we are not above or below anyone. The message is great learning for all of us - we should work together! It feels great to be a part of the Fanshawe International Club. I have always grabbed the opportunity to be involved in social activities. I hope I am carrying my duties well; I am always worried that I am not devoting 100 per cent to the club. So if you feel that I am not let me know. I hope that we can keep up our high spirits and work together for the betterment of our club.

Jan — communication
I wanted to be involved with the FIC because of the people. I first met Amani when I volunteered to be a “host buddy” and with her help I got involved with the club. Heeresh, the president, is community- involved and caring: Elisa is creative and talented: Han is committed and energetic: Manish is sports-minded and funny. My position of “communications” is an advisory one that hopefully helps the executive prioritize and delegate. The executive is bright, committed and the club is new! What a combination.

Consider coming to a scheduled meeting or event, get on the email list, and email any questions to

Get involved. We all look forward to meeting you and having fun with you.