What this year has brought me


This year has been filled with ups and downs that I have had to overcome each step of the way. I came to Fanshawe in 2021 to attend the TV and film broadcast production program. Being a part of that program has allowed me to be involved with so many fun films, TV shows, live productions and finding amazing people to call my friends.

One of my favourite memories that I will keep in my head forever, is directing the 2023 Share the Land concert. Leading up to that production, I had directed many live productions for the Falcons basketball and volleyball games. Share the Land was the biggest live production that I directed, with over 10 cameras, 24 bands and lasting over three hours. I have gained so many skills within the TV industry, which will help me in future jobs and career choices.

I started working for the Interrobang newspaper back in Sept. 2022. Prior to reporting for this paper, I had worked with another newspaper called The Stratford Local. My experience with writing for print helped me transition into reporting for Interrobang. During my time with Interrobang, I have written over 20 articles and I also have a story in the Navigator magazine. I have loved every moment reporting, writing, interviewing and taking photos for the paper. While being a student, it can be hard to balance school and having a job. But working for the college made it very easy for me to balance both, completing school with great grades and having more than one article in each publication every two weeks.

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Like I said before, I have had ups and downs which every person has to deal with. I went through some heart breaks, accidents, and mental health issues but I have overcome all of it. I broke my sternum back in December in a car accident which left me with no vehicle and losing a job that I loved to do. I went through some depression which made me distance myself from my friends and family. I finally got healthier and got right back on my feet when the new year hit. It took me a bit to see what is really important in my life and what things I don’t need to stress about. If I could give advice to people going through a tough time it would be to not sweat the small stuff, to learn from your mistakes and only grow from them. One thing that kept me going was writing, creating compelling articles for others to read. I love finding stories, sourcing interviews and creating great photos to compliment the article. I know that this school year is almost over which means I will be done writing for Interrobang, as I will be graduating and not returning in the fall. I will cherish every moment I spent writing for the newspaper and being a part of such an amazing news team.

With my program, we finish the year off with internships which allow us to gain real life experience within the industry which will help us in our future careers. I was very happy to have landed a position with Global News in Montreal. I decided that I could make it work, as I have a friend who lives in Montreal I could stay with for the six weeks. I said my farewells to everyone back home, and made my way to Quebec. While I was starting my internship at Global, I started to have health issues which I thought I could deal with on my own. I loved every second there, shadowing reporters at Global and helping create news reports for the 6 p.m. show. I then was told by my doctor that I needed to come home to be closer to my doctor and that hit me really hard, as I wouldn’t be able to finish my internship with Global. As that was hard to deal with, I ended up coming home and finding another internship back in London allowing me to be closer to my doctor. The one thing that was positive about this outcome was coming back to work amongst my fellow reporters at Interrobang.

I was thankful to have a spot with the newspaper so I can finish off the year doing something I love.