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Interrobang articles by Ajiitha Anand

Change is in the details: Return of the Rs
The only way to maintain a sustainable life on Earth is to consistently keep up with positive actions. With consistency being the keyword, it's harder to keep up with big, bold actions so why not take baby steps? Read this article

Cult over classic
Surrounding yourself in a theatre with thriving sounds and a large mantling screen, accompanied by a group of people with similar taste in film, is extraordinary. Read this article

Classic Classified Classrooms
Gender bias and dominance in the classroom is a familiar notion; however, it is not addressed as often as it should be. Diversity is important, and aside from race, sexual orientation or gender, everyone is different as a person. Read this article

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples
It's that time of year again, when stores are heaving in cinnamon hearts and chocolate roses. Malls are covered in 50 shades of red, pink and purple. Read this article

Bad dates aren't that bad if you live to tell the tale
High expectations come with big disappointments, but sometimes even the worst expectations can be broken. Bad dates (can) make great stories and that's why Interrobang put together a few dates gone wrong. Read this article

Practice makes prime prepping perfection: job interviews
No matter how many times you've been interviewed for a job, whether it's McDonald's or one of the biggest law firms in Canada, it's always a nerve-racking experience. Read this article

Secret Santa: a secret guide
All of winter's holiday spirit, seasonal snow and hot chocolate by the fire makes the best of Christmas, but most wonderful of all are the gifts. What better way to bring groups of people together than by exchanging little offerings for each other? Read this article

ABC: Adulting, Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
The older you get, the smaller your wallet, at least physically. Storing all your cash in the small folds of your wallet is no longer the most efficient idea. Read this article

Medpointing you in the right direction
The school year is undeniably the most stressful time of the year. There's so much to do and such little time to stay active and stress-free. It's easier to pass time by browsing social networks like Instagram or Twitter, but is this a wise way to spend your days? Read this article

Relieving the mind through working the body
Mind, body and soul, you can't have one without the others; if the body isn't at peace, the mind isn't in one piece either. Read this article

The day I found happiness
For a long time in my life, I did not know who I was. I was scared that I would never know, and I would wander through life without a path. Read this article

It's not just pillow talk
The best sex comes from an honest conversation. As easy as that sounds, it's harder than you think, especially when you're in the moment. Read this article

Mount "O": How to reach the peak
We all have faked it once or twice, but let's put an end to the facade, let's figure out how to reach our climax, climb Mount O and sail through the amazing ride that is an orgasm. Read this article

Renewing relationships: How to keep the spark alive
You're sitting at home trying to put pieces of their face together but haven't seen them enough to know what the whole thing is like altogether. Read this article

Fanshawe food frenzy
It's the first week of school and back to back classes are keeping your stomach empty. Here's a list of campus restaurants that just might revamp your taste buds. Read this article

Fanshawe's frosh week 2016
Listen up freshmen, first thing's first: frosh week. Frosh is a welcoming orientation week for freshmen, and it's not just about academics. Read this article

Student housing a prime target for break-ins and robbery
Students living on Fleming Drive and Thurman Circle located on the northeast side of London are reporting break-and-enters. Read this article

Fanshawe sets out to help kids go to camp
For the second year in a row, campus security and special constables assisted Tim Hortons for the Tim Hortons Camp Day. Read this article

Take her swimming on the first date
The most common issue during the summertime with makeup is finding a foundation that will fight through the humidity and sun trying to melt your face off. Read this article

Sun's out runs out
Instead of hitting the gym or going for a casual stroll in the park, why not enroll you and your friends in a themed run. Read this article

5 easy DIY summer cocktails
The season you've all been waiting for is fast approaching and what better way to make the most of it then to create your own reviving drinks? Read this article

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