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Mount "O": How to reach the peak

Mount "O": How to reach the peak

Ajiitha Anand | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 12th, 2016

Ladies, I am here to give you an informative and extremely important tutorial. We all have faked it once or twice, but let’s put an end to the facade, let’s figure out how to reach our climax, climb Mount O and sail through the amazing ride that is an orgasm.

The vagina is not complicated, once you do some research and figure out where everything is, it’s as simple as keeping a consistent motion pressed up upon a certain place.

According to Dr. Guy Grenier, a clinical psychologist, sex and marital therapist in London, the only way to achieve an orgasm is to understand sex and sex education.

A lot of times some women have trouble achieving an orgasm with a partner and that’s okay. It’s probably because you and/or your partner don’t know your body as well as you think you do. It’s important that you explore your body and become familiar with what you like and dislike when it comes to sex. Besides practicing masturbation, taking a class in sex education will open up a new door to your sex life. A sex education class is an informative and helpful way to explore your body. Sex is a broad topic and it’s easy to find yourself discovering more and more about how your body works in the bedroom.

The knowledge you gain from a sex education class is information you will probably use for the rest of your life.

“What often is the problem or the front end problem, is not that a woman doesn’t have a problem reaching orgasm, she just doesn’t know the techniques, her partner doesn’t know the techniques,” Guy said. “Once both people know more about stimulation techniques, about sexual expectations, about response cycles, we have virtually 100 per cent success in getting people who thought they were not orgasmic to being orgasmic.”

Guy continued on to say a lot of women need stimulation on the clitoris, whether it is through manual stimulation, oral stimulation, self-stimulation, partner stimulation or stimulation through toys.

“Only 30 per cent of women are orgasmic as a function of exclusive penile thrusting, most women require additional stimulation.”

Women aren’t complicated, but they do require more work. It’s not just about penetration. Women, more often than men, need a build up before penetration. Foreplay has a vital role in achieving an orgasm. Sex is more than just intercourse alone. Providing a woman with patience and time by arousing her through foreplay is comforting. The more comfortable a woman is, the more likely she will be able to have an orgasm without interruption or pauses.

Give massages, kiss lots, ask her what she likes or tell them what you want yourself. Be open with each other and communicate. The best thing you can do is tell them how or where you like to be touched. Don’t rush.

To achieve an orgasm, one must understand their body. Everyone is different so don’t compare yourself to other women. It’s hard to give someone advice when every body is different. Masturbation is one way to understand how your body works but taking a sex education course provides you with information not only about your body but other bodies as well.

Majority of a female’s orgasm is mental stimulation. It’s important that you are comfortable and relaxed with your partner as well as in that moment. Don’t be afraid to make noises, or of not making noises. Don’t let anything distract you, just let yourself be. You’re not going to pee, you’re not going to scare your partner; don’t overthink, let this moment be about you.

There you have it, a simple guideline to help you on your “oh” so exciting hike.
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